Monday, 18 December 2017

W1 Q1 Summer Learning Journey

Fact 1: Maui was younger than all of his brothers
Fact 2: Maori used flax to make fishing lines
Fact 3: They did a karakai to give their line strength

Stories I have heard and read about Maui.

1. How Maui brought fire to the world
2. Maui and the jawbone
3. Maui and the sun

Monday, 11 December 2017


The snowplough bellowed past the house. The house rattled as if there was an earthquake. Cups, plates, and cutlery shattered on the floor and made a deafening noise. But the I.T. (Information Technology) man kept working. He was a small scrawny guy with glasses. He was very nerdy, His name was Barry Yates.

He was replacing a cooling fan from a computer. ZAP he fell heavily to the ground. Barry lay there unconscious for maybe a day. He was then found by a little boy called Johnny Turner. Johnny called the ambulance. “Hello, what service would you require?” asked the operator.
“Mc Donalds, please” answered Johnney. The ambulance eventually arrived with Mc Donalds an hour later.

Barry woke up in hospital weeks later with a compound fractured skull, diagnosed with chronic Tourette's syndrome.

After 3 months he ran out of mobile data and he was upgrading his town hall on Clash of Clans. He planned an escape. It was the perfect plan. It was for his girlfriend to visit him and buy a wig, shoes and she would go into one of the nurses lockers and steal her clothes then give them to Barry. Barry  would get changed into them and escape from the hospital unnoticed. He did exactly that.

He got the clothes , the wig and the shoes. Then Barry walked the walk of shame. Walking past the doctors one of them said, “These nurses get more unattractive every year.” He/she stopped by one of the doctors and started flapping uncontrollably he/she yelling “RED CABBAGES! THUNDERBIRDS!”. The doctor getting slapped multiple times read the badge saying,  “ Hey don't hassle me I have chronic Tourette's syndrome” so he put up with yelling and getting slapped in the face for a long 5 minutes.

The doctor started to realize that he/she had a man's voice and Barry’s hair was coming off. Barry's hair came off and the chase started. Barry was running at 100 miles per hour. He looked down and he remembered he was in high heels. Before he knows it he does a 180 and a backflip at the same time, but he lands it and he’s now out the door backwards. Whishhhhhhhh the fresh air touching his freckled face he finally felt freedom. Stealing a bike he gets away.Screenshot 2017-10-30 at 10.03.41.png

One day later, it’s all over the news a someone stole a bike. Barry is at his house playing Call Of Duty.  Just before he gets an 11 killstreak the police use a battering ram to knock down the door. He quickly rings a number on his phone ‘0800 123 456’. A potatoman named Jeff drops down through the roof with a golden AK47 and a M1911 ( Type of colt (Type of Pistol (Type of Gun(Type of shooty thing (goes action very bang bang shoot shoot ))))) and shoots all the police. “HEY YOU'RE PAYING FOR A NEW ROOF.”costume1.png
screams Barry. “Nah bro, you can”said Jeff.

3 weeks later the police give up the search. Then someone knocks on Barry's door it’s Cheng Heng. “Oh hello Cheng Heng, why are you here at 1am in the morning.” grunted Barry.Screenshot 2017-11-14 at 10.03.01.png
“Ni hao” says Cheng Heng ignoring his question entirely. “How the hell did you find me?” yells Barry.
“I don’t know??? Why has it take 6 months 2 days and 13 hour and 5 minutes 34 seconds 35 seconds 36 seconds” “OK OK SHUT UP, I will get back to fixing the computer.”
Lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Oooooooooooo Nnnnnnnnnnnnn Gggggggggggggg story short, Barry gets zapped again and gets teleported to a different dimension. Barry then wakes up from unconsciousness in his red underwear by a old truck with a tarp over the trailer. He stumbles over to the vehicle pulls out a cleaver, a jacket, and two pieces of rope. He has a walk around and climbs up hill. Barry walked for a hour and a half then he saw something not right. The weirdest thing you’d find, a horde of around  fifty zombies.

Barry was talking uncontrollably and cussing at the speed of sound. The zombie started to head his way, he then started running, swearing and flapping at the same time (multitasking). He runs to the middle of nowhere and up ahead he sees an army bunker. He’s desperate for food and water and runs to the door,  on the way he sees a dead zombie that looks like it came from the bunker, he keeps running but the door’s locked. He looks closely and sees a card slot. He thinks “Hmm maybe that dead,  dead or super dead (depends which way you look at it) has the card???”. He walks over almost dying of dehydration. He grabs a card and a glock 27.”yeeeeeaaaaah,” Barry screams,  then he walks back to the bunker. He puts the card in the slot and the heavy door opens “yeeeeeaaaaah” he yells, there’s weapons and armour everywhere but most importantly there are ration boxes everywhere. Barry eats almost all the food and puts on the armour and grabs a m16. Then Barry inspects the room a bit more and sees a elevator He hops in.
WHAT!” He’s on his bed in his room wearing the armour and holding a m16.



Wednesday, 6 December 2017