Monday, 17 December 2018

SLJ Activity 1

Poutini  is the name of the taniwha that took Waitaiki while she was taking a bath in  the sea
and when the chief felt like something had happened to Waitaiki he went to check on her but
he had seen that she was gone so he got a ciano and his servant to find her. He had this magical
dart that would point the way to Waitaki so he throw the dark into the air and they
went the way it pointed they chased Poutini down the south but towards the end of the
chase Poutini was angry that he could not be with Waitaiki so he turned her into Green
stone also known as pounamu and when the chief found her he was hart broken.
And that is my Maori myth.

SlJ Activity Two


Greymouth has a history of gold panning, jade hunting, gold mining, and other
awesome things. Did I mention the great walks around the West coast. We have a
huge river that flows into the sea, a cycle trail, the length of the West Coast that runs
through here. about twenty minutes from here there is a group of rocks in called the
pancake rocks.
Greymouth is a great place and you should come and visit

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