Friday, 22 June 2018

Basic python syntax

Today we experimented with python trinket. We used lists and made circles. We had to write a number_list which uses 1,2's and 3's and so one (numbers) . The while true loop is different to  a for loop because the while loop includes curly brackets and semi colons. We also learnt that there is a library full of different shapes like diamonds, circles, turtles and squares.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Goodnight Mister Tom book review

Goodnight mister Tom

Cameron                                                        12 Room 1

Do you like historical fiction? books well I do! September 1939, as Britain stands on the brink of the war, many young children from the cities are evacuated to the countryside to escape an imminent German bombardment. Willie Beech, a boy from Deptford south east of London who is physically and emotionally abused by his mother, arrives at the home of Tom Oakley, a widower in his sixties who lives in the village of Little Weirwold. The boy is thin, underfed and covered with painful bruises, and believes he is full of sin, a result of his upbringing by his mother, a insane, God-fearing widow. The atmosphere in Little Weirwold is fresh and full of life, and everyone is friendly. William loves it there and a large change is changing him from a weak lonely little boy into a healthy friendly lively little boy. Even the topic of conversation is different and more natural and open in Little Weirwold, everyone knows everyone else and they all look out for each other; "I'm a little worried, what with her baby due so soon," was the remark made by a villager in concern for Annie Hartridge the class teacher. In London the topic of conversation is very stiff, and every-one is suspected of being a "German Spy

The story begins in Winter time when William Beech is first introduced as being an evacuee all the way from London to live with Mr Tom Oakley.This books setting this book is as I said Little Weirwold which is a fictional village not far from London. The Setting Of 'Goodnight Mr Tom.' 'Goodnight Mr Tom' is set around the time of evacuation during the 2nd World War. Willie's life which begins in London as a weak little boy now centres around the village of Little Weirwold which is situated in the British countryside, as it is the safest place to be during the war. Little Weirwold is surrounded by fields and William's place of residence, 'Church Cottage' has beautiful gardens and a lovely, peaceful and quiet graveyard making up the grounds

Main Characters
William is thin, underfed and covered with painful bruises, and believes he is full of sin, a result of his upbringing by his mother, a insane, God-fearing widow. Tom is elderly man whose life has been very sad, his wife and boy died of scarlet fever.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


WALT read and retrieve information
and locate the main ideas

Main ideas

Gravity is everywhere. Every object has a gravitational pull. Isaac newton found out how
gravity works because a apple fell from the apple tree and hit him in the head, he thought
why did the apple fall down but not up. Astronauts seem in the ISS weightless because they
are falling through space the same rate as the Space Station. There is also no gravity when
your floating through space unless you land on a planet  or a moon.

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